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Y-Bình Nguyễn

Co-Founder & Literary Editor

Y-Bình Nguyễn (she/they) is a proud daughter to American War in Vietnam refugees, descendent from a rural farming community in An Giang, Việt Nam, and situated in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Their poetry and prose focuses on the poignant themes of transgenerational trauma & healing, critical compassion, queer coming of age love stories, diaspora hustles and bustles, eco-resistance sci-fi, and visionary fiction. 


Y-Bình is currently the Literary Curator & Program Director at El Taller, where you can find copies of their first poetry collection from seeds to marketplaces. Their work is featured in Vănguard, Red Pocket Press’s Queer Lunar New Year Zine, Harvard’s Freedom School Magazine, Project Yellow DressHomology Litand DVAN - Out of the Margins

She is also a passionate educator with a praxis of communal learning; one of her favorite places in the world to teach and learn is Mamelodi, South Africa. On sunny days, you can find her relearning how to grow food in her own ceramics creations, and figuring out how to be the best role model for her younger sisters (Bảo Trân and pup Nieves).​

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Milly Joseph

Co-Founder & Design Editor

Milly Joseph (she/her/hers) is a Haitian born creative with a flair for infusing analytics into any artistic creation. Growing up, she taught herself multiple mediums of art such as knitting, video editing, design, writing, and more through a passion of learning different ways of expression. She pursues many creative expressions as Co-Founder and Design Editor at Exposed Brick Literary Magazine, beauty educator, designer, freelance photographer and video editor.


However, Milly’s background is in supply chain. Along with that, she has worked in project and inventory management and training coordination. She believes that the power of the brain helps us solve many things in life through simple calculations. Milly lives by the quote “Genius is just preparation in disguise.” This analytical thinking is the unique spin she puts into her art, combining artistic creation with math and science, to create pieces that are beautiful yet calculated

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Gladys Wangeci Gitau-Damaskos
Co-Founder & Prose Editor 

Gladys Wangeci Gitau-Damaskos (she/ they) is a Kenyan-born writer, artist, designer, teacher and activist from Lawrence, Massachusetts. As an artist, Wangeci lives by Audre Lorde’s words, “your silence will not save you.” Her writing and activism centers around her experiences taking up space on American soil as an immigrant queer African femme. Gladys is the author of “there's the truth then there's other things” and is in the process of publishing her second book of poetry “I’m Not Allowed to Explain (only Foreshadow & Reminisce).” Wangeci wants to focus her efforts on publishing more intentionally and helping others do the same. In addition to being a co-founder & prose editor at Exposed Brick Literary Magazine, she loves writing and making art with her friends. When Gladys (or Mx. Gitau) is not teaching Humanities to her students, or listening to audiobooks and pretending she read them, she can be found in her garden in south Lawrence, next to her husband, William, and her tortoises, Sakis and Recho.  She is currently pursuing her Masters in Literary Arts from the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College.


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Bảo Trân Nguyễn
Digital Designer

Bảo Trân Nguyễn is the digital designer and the very first intern of our growing team! She is also the founder of Letters from Tran. 

Follow her at @letters_from_tran and check out her website.

Bảo Trân Nguyễn (she/her/hers) is a queer first-generation Vietnamese American who loves to paint, bullet journal, sketch, and write to her penpal. When she is not creating stuff with her hands, Bảo Trân is a proud plant mom to many propagating succulents, aspiring roller skater, and personal photographer to her dog, Nieves. She aspires to be part of the thriving arts community in Lawrence, Massachusetts and looks up to her friends and sister, for inspiration to grow and achieve her goals. She is a self-taught hand letterer and calligrapher, and is currently running a small business, Letters from Tran, where she sells handcrafted letters, notebooks, and labels. Through her products, she hopes to inspire creativity and spread comfort!


Violette Tran (she/they) is a second-generation Vietnamese American who loves all mediums of art, namely dance, literature, and digital art. They hold their friends and family dear to them, which is why they believe having a proper support system is something that should be more accessible. They believe that the greatest joy of an artist is to be able to become more in tune with oneself and with other people. She wants artists to know that there is not one single journey that they must take in order to be considered an artist. 


Aside from art, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending quality time with her loved ones. Some of their goals in the future include, but is not limited to: being a cat parent, becoming a polyglot, and exploring watercolor.

Violetta Tran 

Social Media & Digital Designer